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The Mindsprings Online Writing Programme
Why an online programme?
The Mindsprings online programme is an attempt to offer good creative writing skills to a large number of children in need of good structures and strategies in writing, who want to build a strong vocabulary and learn how to create ideas. It an opportunity to work in their space and comfort, in a world where there are too many demands on their limited time. Also, geographical distances are bridged by technology.
It is better to begin children with some kind of writing training than to wait for ideal one on one classes. Children who go to school where they do not do a regular writing programme are at high risk. Children who speak well, or even those who are good readers need not automatically be good writers. The brain uses a different set of skills for writing.
How does it work?
· We send kids assignments per week on the parent’s id with detailed instructions.
· We will do a diagnostic on the child’s writing on the first assignment and keep it as a reference point for progress.
· Children can write in their own time and comfort.
· Older kids will use the Net for additional research and reading to create content.
· All children will buy and use Usha Pandit’s bible for writing ‘Writing with Ease’, if they do not already have one, especially for good vocabulary. The book costs Rs.699 and is a one-time buy like a dictionary that can be used by several generations.
· We will correct and scan back to you the child’s papers with clear instructions on how to improve.
· Parents and guardians need to make sure that the weekly assignment is sent to us on time and the child works on repairs on the previous assignment.
· You are free to write emails to us on doubts and clarifications.
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The Teacher

You will be supervised by Usha Pandit who is the author of the series Empowering English, Language with Ease; and Writing with Ease. She trains teachers in creative writing, and is a consultant to large schools. Usha is herself a writer of blogs and has a massive following on the net. You can write to her or call her with an appointment for any pertinent queries you may have.


Children get a Mindsprings Certificate of Proficiency after 30 sessions. Strategies, vocabulary, and improvement in idealization, tone, purpose and audience will be done as a final one on one evaluation on Skype before certification.


Our charges are Rs. 20,000 plus GST of 18% for 25 sessions in a year. It needs to be paid by cheque or NEFT before we start the first assignment. If you wish to pay in installments you can give us post-dated cheques. If dissatisfied, you are free to leave the programme at the end of 10 sessions with a full refund for 20 sessions. Group discounts of 10 and 20 students to a batch are available. Call Tina on 8169359838.


Writing is a matter of planning, an understanding of how to write using strategies, and of practice until good writing becomes a habit. The more focused you are, and the more you follow general instructions for success, the faster your will prove to be competent. There are no short cuts. There are only terrific opportunities and excellent guidance. After that, it is all the individual’s own work.


If the child’s school is not using Empowering English or Language with Ease you might want to look up these skills-based books on our website www.mindsprings.in