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    August 4
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Our Founder

Mrs. Usha Pandit

Usha Pandit is an educational consultant, textbook writer and publisher, professional development expert, and champion of gifted education. Having taught K-12 in 4 coutries, she has had over thirty years of teaching experience in four countries (India, Hong Kong, New Zealand and Jakarta), and has a deep understanding of the educational needs of students from a range of cultures and age groups. Her academic background is in English and Education. She has Master degrees in both from India, UK, and New Zealand.
She has authored the 18 English textbook series ‘Empowering English’, a writing resource book ‘Writing with Ease’, a grammar reference book for juniors ‘Grammar with Ease’ and a revolutionary series in language learning ‘Language with Ease’. These publications have been acclaimed by educators and teachers as unique and effective. They have been taught in over a hundred schools in the country of which some top school rating charts.
Usha is an educational consultant with large school groups where she helps with curriculum developement, teacher observation, pedagogy, assessment, and change management. She runs a number of teacher workshops pan India in English, academic management, pedagogical skills,  and special needs.
Usha is one of the few people in India creating awareness of giftedness as a special need for highly intelligent children with parent and teacher workshops and press reports. She trained in New Zealand and has been a practitioner of gifted education for the last 13 years.
Staffed by dedicated teachers, the company has run very successful programs for disadvantaged boys for 5 years; and also partnered with the Tata Memorial Hospital to academically enrich the lives of children with cancer. It is in its third year at present. It won a prestigious global award at the World Paediatric Conference in Washington.
Usha’s vision is to see education in India transformed from rote-learning, examination-focused institutions, into dynamic, skills and outcome-based places of learning. Usha uses her strengths in the areas of curriculum development, teacher training, and parent education to bring this philosophy alive in the schools she works with.