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    August 4
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    August 18

Earlier Consultancies

 Hirji Salva English Programme (2012 – 2017)
The Hirji Bhojraj and Sons C.V.O. Jain Chhatralaya is a 100 year old charitable trust set up as a hostel to house disadvantaged boys from the Kutchi community and provide them with boarding and education. In later years the Trust also set up on their lands the Shishuvan School which has grown to be one of the best ICSE schools in the city.
Mindsprings has been doing work with 130 boys in teaching them spoken English. In 2015, a decision was made for the children to move from their local municipal school to the Shishuvan School. Mindsprings continues to take differential classes for the boys where English is not completely handled by our team.
Consultancy For Universal Schools (2012-2016)
Mindsprings was responsible for the health and upliftment of English standards in all schools of Universal High from 2012- 2016. We also handheld and micromanaged the fledgling branch at Tardeo giving them academic support, advice and guiding their concept mapping, lesson planning and examination paper quality.
Quality Control For Euro Schools (2011-2013)
Euro School is a venture of Euro Kids International Ltd – India’s largest pre-school chain with over 880 pre-schools across 300 towns and cities across India. It ushers in a new era in education through the innovative concept of Balanced Schooling.
Usha Pandit worked in EuroSchool from 2011 – 2013, whetting their content curriculum across all subjects to control quality in the work for scaling, management of time and methods to be used to create thinking, core concept focus and ways to deliver content. This involved meetings with the core group to make policies, visit schools and observe classes.
Oasis International School, Bangalore (2001-2003)
Oasis is a co-educational IGCSE school in Bangalore that has 1200 students and is known for its excellence in pedagogy and learning. They had humble beginnings in 1999 and Usha Pandit joined them to put into place an enquiry based thinking curriculum which in spirit was truly international, laying the foundations for becoming one of the best schools in the city.